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About Electronic Travel Authorization for Sri Lanka

The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for Sri Lanka is an official authorization granted by Sri Lanka Government for applicants who wish to travel to Sri Lanka for a short visit for transit, tourism or business purposes.

Any citizen who wish to travel to Sri Lanka for a short visit must obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), except citizens of The Republic of Singapore, The Republic of Maldives and The Republic of Seychelles, which are exempt from the requirement of obtaining ETA to visit Sri Lanka on the basis of reprocity.

All visitors are encouraged to apply for the ETA online to assure their entry before travelling to avoid lengthy delays at the port of entry, and to minimize the chance of being denied entry to Sri Lanka.

Length and validity

All applicants who apply for an ETA will be granted a single-entry visa to Sri Lanka valid for up to 30 days, although the permit may be extended for up to six months.

ETA is only valid for a short visit and for one of the following purposes: transit, tourism or business.

Tourism purposes include any leisure or holiday activity; any visit to friends and relatives; the participation in any event, competition or cultural activity; or a medical treatment.

Business purposes include the participation in any business negotiation or meeting; participation in any event (art, music, dance, …), conferences, seminars, training programs; or any analog activity.

Application and Process

All eligible applicants can obtain the required ETA by filling a simple form online. There is no need for paperwork, nor photocopies of passports or photos.

Upon arrival to Customs, show your passport with a copy of your approved ETA. You will be asked to show a round trip ticket (in case you are travelling by air) and evidence of sufficient funds to cover his expenses in Sri Lanka.

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